Ken Lo

Ken Lo
Freelance Mobile Technology Communicator. London, UK.

I am a freelance writer specialising in mobile technology for both consumers and technical audiences. I also help companies to communicate their mobile products and services at trade shows, events and online.

You can get in touch by e-mail. My e-mail address is ken at kenstechtips dot com.


Ken's Tech Tips

Ken's Tech Tips

I have been maintaining the Ken's Tech Tips blog since 2005. The site has published hundreds of articles on mobile technology which are mainly aimed at consumers/end users. The site receives around 150,000 visitors per month.

Ken's Tech Tips


giffgaff is a UK-based mobile phone network owned by Telefónica UK (O2). I regularly write for the giffgaff blog on a range of topics including mobile applications, mobile hardware and smartphone comparisons.

I have also guest posted for the mobile network Three UK about the HTC Desire HD (nominated for guest blogger of the year) and for the price comparison website billmonitor about why people switch networks (part 1 and part 2).


Samsung Mobile


I have worked for Samsung Electronics at various trade shows to provide product demonstrations to guests and trade show visitors and to explain how the new devices work. This role also involves reporting back on visitor feedback to product designers and managers.

  • Mobile World Congress 2011 - Barcelona, Spain.
    Product demonstrated: Samsung Galaxy S II. February 2011.
  • IFA 2011 - Berlin, Germany.
    Products demonstrated: Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. September 2011.
  • Bada Developer Day - London, UK.
    Discussing application development & mobile technology with invited guests & developers. November 2011.
  • Mobile World Congress 2012 - Barcelona, Spain.
    Product demonstrated: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. February 2012.
  • Samsung Mobile Unpacked - London, UK.
    Product demonstrated: Samsung Galaxy S III. May 2012.



YouTube Channel for Ken's Tech Tips

I have recorded video demonstrations, reviews and unboxings for various smartphones and tablets. I have been involved in the Samsung Mob!lers programme which gives me access to Samsung devices before general release. The YouTube channel has 200,000+ video views.

A full video list can be found on YouTube.


Ken's Tech Tips Worm

Ken's Tech Tips Worm

I regularly carry out research into the popularity of UK mobile networks and their respective product offerings. This research has been on-going since October 2010 and has made use of the polling responses of 63,000+ consumers through the Ken's Tech Tips website.

Other research pieces include an analysis of the cost of Kindle e-books and a comparison of SIM only tariffs and Pay Monthly tariffs.

Additional Experience

Ken Lo
Freelance Mobile Technology Communicator. London, UK.
E-mail: ken at kenstechtips dot com.